Thursday, July 6, 2017

Despite the increasing conflict we see intensifying in places like Syria and Egypt, and all over the Middle East, God is at work in a powerful way.

Thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ!

And when a Muslim is seeking to know about Jesus, they come to us in search of a Bible.

A gift of $6.00 or more, will put a Bible in the hands of a Syrian refugee in Lebanon.

A team of us are going to Lebanon in September, and we look forward to distributing 5000 Bibles to those who do not have one, have no access to one, and want one
with all their being.

Phil Leng

The Bible is the most translated book


The Bible is the most translated book, the most printed book, the most read book in the world today, and in the history of the world.

Please help me get Bibles printed in Arabic into the hands of the Syrian refugees that have crowded into Lebanon.

Even a gift of $6.00 can put a Bible into the hands of someone hungry to know God’s truth.

Thank you so much.

Phil Leng

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

20,000 Bibles gone in less than a year!

In less than twelve months they were completely out of stock—20,000 special edition New Testaments for Palestinian Orthodox believers. For many families, this Bible is the first one they have personally owned. A key church leader said about this project: “We should have done this 2,000 years ago.”
And all right it was. There was a huge demand for the New Testaments. Within a year all 20,000 copies had been given out to Palestinian Christian families, most of them on the West Bank, Gaza and Israel.
The response was overwhelming. “People are calling me daily. ‘I never dreamt that I would have my own bible,’ one man said.” Other Christians are reaching out to Nashat from Jordan, Qatar, and even the United States to thank his organization for printing the Bible...
“One particular encounter with a Christian who received one of these 20,000 bibles had a great impact on Nashat Filmon. “One morning we were visiting the Jenin area and I saw an old lady reading her new Bible in the first sunlight, sitting in the entrance of her house. An hour later, when we returned, she still was there; she seemed not to have moved at all. And she was still reading in the Word, in broad daylight. She had been reading for a full hour.””
June 15, 2017 Open Doors

Please do your part to help us deliver Bibles to Syrian Refugees in Lebanon when we go there in September 2017. Your gift even as small as $5.00 can purchase one Bible. Please help today!