Monday, July 31, 2017

Bandor and Ghaziyeh Lost their home in Syria.

They fled to Lebanon to live in a plastic tent. The whole refugee camp burned down and they lost their “home” again. Their little boy died in the fire. Their little baby girl is badly burned.

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A Lebanese family has accepted to host this refugee family in their home (with air conditioning) until the baby improves enough, before they go back to the refugee camp.
WAM will donate $1500 from its emergency reserves to help this family.
Please pray with us, and pass this on to your family and friends to also pray and see if they can help. We have a small window to raise the funds to ensure this little one survives.

Today we visited the Qob Elias camp that was destroyed by a fire 3 weeks ago. We went to visit the family that had a child that passed away in the fire and to find out the status of the little girl, Nawal, that was severely burned. When we arrived at camp, we found the father of the family, Bandor. We inquired how Nawal was doing and found out that she had been taken in by a Lebanese family. The hospital released her 3 days ago. The reason that they released her is because Bandor and his family could not pay for her care any longer. The NGOs that were helping them only paid for 90% of the hospital bill. The family had to pay the remaining 10% which the family had to borrow. When they released her, the family returned to their tent where temperatures are soaring around 100 degrees each day and they have no air conditioning. It’s also unsanitary.

    We ask Bandor if we could visit Nawal and that we would like to help them with the expenses they have incurred and to pray for her. He agreed to let us get some pictures and video so that we could share the need with our friends. He rode with us to the home of the Lebanese family that was so graciously helping them. When we arrived we were warmly greeted and invited in. We learned that, Ghaziyeh, Bandor’s wife, and their 2 other children are staying with them as well. We were ushered into their living room and they brought Nawal in to see us. We were very moved when we saw her and her condition. She had bandages over some of the affected area but not all of it. Her legs have severe burns on the back of her calves and the back of her heel but they were not covered.
We asked the Lebanese family about how things were going and what their needs were.  The wife, Sobiyeh, began to tell us about how she had seen the story on Facebook about this family. She was so moved in her heart to do something to help them. She was able to contact the family and offered to bury their child that had passed away in their family plot. When Nawal was released from the hospital, Sobiyeh and her family went to visit them in their tent. She told them that they have air conditioning in their home and that they would take Nawal home with them. They also have helped Bandor and his family by lending them $1,000 to take care of the extra medical expenses and medications. This family took them in as if they were their own family. We were so blessed the family let us pray a blessing over their home for the generosity they have shown.
We found out that Nawal needs another seven days of inpatient treatment so that she does not get an infection and that her wounds can be treated properly. Her little body was so hot with fever! She will also need an additional 10 days of outpatient visits after the hospital to care for her wounds and to monitor her condition. The hospital was adamant they will not let her stay without the funds up front. We have 24 hours to raise $6,700. These funds will cover the remaining hospital care, her outpatient care and the money for Bandor to pay Nassar and Sobiyeh back for the loan

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