Thursday, June 29, 2017

“Adel’s path to becoming a leading client of the (Syrian) secret police began five years earlier. The nominal Islamic faith of his teenage years transformed into an obsessive drive as a young adult to discover truth about God wherever and however it may be found. For endless hours online, he studied every major religion in the world, convinced he would find an answer to his inner longings.

“The beginning of the end of his search occurred the first night he met Jesus in a dream. The morning after, he tried to convince himself it was ‘only’ a dream, a desire erupting from somewhere in his subconscious and motivated by his compulsive thinking about ultimate things. The next morning - the morning after his second dream - dismissing the experience was more difficult. Twenty eight additional nights in a row of seeing Jesus left Adel helpless before the gracious God he had encountered. Within a week after the last dream, he found a Christian believer who could explain what he should do, and Adel accepted Jesus Christ into his life.

“The intensity of Adel’s search became the intensity of his commitment. He quickly caught the attention of the secret police and promised himself and God, even before his first interrogation, that he would always answer questions truthfully. But he wouldn’ offer any information he didn’t have to. Less than a year into his new way of life, he had his first chat with the police…

“Adel’s resignation to life in Bab Touma freed him to share his faith openly with fellow prisoners, and by default with the guards. Reciting Psalms aloud, Adel periodically noticed one or more guards outside his cell, listening. Guards inadvertently gave Adel a powerful opening to share the gospel with other inmates…

“On his fortieth day at Bab Touma, when he felt as if he’d already been there several lifetimes, Adel was set free. He never knew exactly why.”

Dreams and Visions - Tom Doyle pp 141-143

Please help me get Bibles printed in Arabic into the hands of the Syrian refugees that have crowded into Lebanon.

Even a gift of $6.00 can put a Bible into the hands of someone hungry to know God’s truth.

Thank you so much.

Phil Leng

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