Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Coming Destruction

In America, we have never experienced this.
The overwhelming terror of a mighty military force overrunning the country.
Europe has experienced it many times over the centuries. The middle east, aasia, many parts of the world.

We did it recently to Iraq.

God is predicting that "shock and awe" kind of destruction for His people in Jeremiahs day.

It happened, just as He said it would...

The Coming Destruction

17 "Pack your bags and prepare to leave;
the siege is about to begin.
18 For this is what the Lord says:
“Suddenly, I will fling out
all you who live in this land.
I will pour great troubles upon you,
and at last you will feel my anger.”

19 My wound is severe,
and my grief is great.
My sickness is incurable,
but I must bear it.
20 My home is gone,
and no one is left to help me rebuild it.
My children have been taken away,
and I will never see them again.
21 The shepherds of my people have lost their senses.
They no longer seek wisdom from the Lord.
Therefore, they fail completely,
and their flocks are scattered.
22 Listen! Hear the terrifying roar of great armies
as they roll down from the north.
The towns of Judah will be destroyed
and become a haunt for jackals."

God is in control.

Even when it seems He is not.

God is in control...

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