Tuesday, June 22, 2010

20 towns for 20 years

Solomon inherited a kingdom that was "top dog" in the area. Taxes were flowing in. No one dared go to war with Israel. It was a time of peace and prosperity.

He set about to build some amazing structures.

Here is an interesting story about one of his main suppliers of raw materials and skilled labor - Hiram.

Solomon’s Agreement with Hiram

10 It took Solomon twenty years to build the Lord’s Temple and his own royal palace. At the end of that time, 11 he gave twenty towns in the land of Galilee to King Hiram of Tyre. (Hiram had previously provided all the cedar and cypress timber and gold that Solomon had requested.) 12 But when Hiram came from Tyre to see the towns Solomon had given him, he was not at all pleased with them. 13 “What kind of towns are these, my brother?” he asked. So Hiram called that area Cabul (which means “worthless”), as it is still known today. 14 Nevertheless, Hiram paid[a] Solomon 9,000 pounds[b] of gold.

Your "gift" to me?

In a word - WORTHLESS !!!

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