Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Coup d' Etat - was done like That!

A week or so after it started, the rebellion was over.
Absalom had been killed.
His rebellion cost the lives of some 20,000 soldiers.
David had called out to God, in prayer and poem and song.
Now he's headed back to the palace.
Everybody is knocking themselves out to curry his favor!

Just a few nights ago, he was mulling over people's loyalties...
9 "Common people are as worthless as a puff of wind,
and the powerful are not what they appear to be.
If you weigh them on the scales,
together they are lighter than a breath of air."

He must have found this mildly amusing...

15 "So the king started back to Jerusalem. And when he arrived at the Jordan River, the people of Judah came to Gilgal to meet him and escort him across the river. 16 Shimei son of Gera, the man from Bahurim in Benjamin, hurried across with the men of Judah to welcome King David. 17 A thousand other men from the tribe of Benjamin were with him, including Ziba, the chief servant of the house of Saul, and Ziba’s fifteen sons and twenty servants. They rushed down to the Jordan to meet the king. 18 They crossed the shallows of the Jordan to bring the king’s household across the river, helping him in every way they could."

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