Saturday, April 3, 2010

Man in a Hurry!

Joshua was a typical young man.

He was now the leader. There was a job to do.
So-o-o-o GET ON WITH IT!!!

10 "Joshua then commanded the officers of Israel, 11 “Go through the camp and tell the people to get their provisions ready. In three days you will cross the Jordan River and take possession of the land the Lord your God is giving you.”

12 Then Joshua called together the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and the half-tribe of Manasseh. He told them, 13 “Remember what Moses, the servant of the Lord, commanded you: ‘The Lord your God is giving you a place of rest. He has given you this land.’ 14 Your wives, children, and livestock may remain here in the land Moses assigned to you on the east side of the Jordan River. But your strong warriors, fully armed, must lead the other tribes across the Jordan to help them conquer their territory. Stay with them 15 until the Lord gives them rest, as he has given you rest, and until they, too, possess the land the Lord your God is giving them. Only then may you return and settle here on the east side of the Jordan River in the land that Moses, the servant of the Lord, assigned to you.”

16 They answered Joshua, “We will do whatever you command us, and we will go wherever you send us. 17 We will obey you just as we obeyed Moses. And may the Lord your God be with you as he was with Moses. 18 Anyone who rebels against your orders and does not obey your words and everything you command will be put to death. So be strong and courageous!”

I remember when I was so much in a hurry...

When we were in ministry, I was always in a hurry. There was a world to win. Time was short! Had to do things NOW!

Then I went into real estate. Had a family to support. Deals to make. Had to pay the bills.

I remember my wife said one time - "I thought it had to do with ministry. But it was the same afterwards. Phil was always just busy busy busy. I think he is just driven..."

But my girls grew up and left. Got married.

Then something happened. They started having kids.

And my world changed!

I read one time a statement that got deep into my soul -
Little kids definitions: One was a definition of grandparents. This little kid said,
"Grandparents always have lots of time for you. Unlike parents, who are always in a hurry..."

So - I'm still a man in a hurry.

Unless my grandkids are around... Then I have all the time in the world!!!

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