Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The superbowl game was great! Lots of buzz before, and a fair bit after.

The oddest ad in the whole event was the census ad. Our government has plunged us into 2 trillion of new debt in just 12 months and yet they spend 2.5 MILLION dollars to advertise the census? Seems pretty lame...

Imagine my surprise to read about a census in the Bible. Not only a census, but they were to collect a tax from everyone at the same time. Could you imagine trying to pull that off in our country today! (Ha!)

11 "Then the Lord said to Moses, 12 “Whenever you take a census of the people of Israel, each man who is counted must pay a ransom for himself to the Lord. Then no plague will strike the people as you count them. 13 Each person who is counted must give a small piece of silver as a sacred offering to the Lord. (This payment is half a shekel,[e] based on the sanctuary shekel, which equals twenty gerahs.) 14 All who have reached their twentieth birthday must give this sacred offering to the Lord. 15 When this offering is given to the Lord to purify your lives, making you right with him,[f] the rich must not give more than the specified amount, and the poor must not give less. 16 Receive this ransom money from the Israelites, and use it for the care of the Tabernacle.[g] It will bring the Israelites to the Lord’s attention, and it will purify your lives.”

No deep message here. I just find it curious, that's all.

Take a census. Collect a tax. Tell the people it is to bring you to the Lord's attention. That it would make you right with God.

This is actually God's direction - in the Bible, so I am not making fun of it...

But it would sure be hard to pull off in our cynical, secular society!!!

p.s. -
Worst in show: Census Super Bowl ad flops

By Mike Riggs - The Daily Caller 02/08/10 at 1:23 pm
The U.S. Census Bureau’s “Snapshot of America” Super Bowl 44 ad has met with harsh criticism from television writers, media pundits and the Kellogg School of Management, which gave the Census ad an “F” grade — the lowest of any commercial that ran during Sunday’s game.
Television critics charge that the Census ad, which cost $2.5 million and was directed by independent filmmaker Christopher Guest was dry, uninformative, and culturally obscure.

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