Friday, February 26, 2010

Bus driver - MOVE THAT BUS!

On the long running show - Extreme house makeover, the climax of the show each time was the statement,

"Bus driver - MOVE THAT BUS!"

Amidst an explosion of excitement, the bus would move, and the homeowner would get the first view of their incredible house.

Back in the day, God had designed and ordered built an incredible "house", a tent, actually, for worship.

Today, it is "Ox Driver - Move that Tent!"

1 "On the day Moses set up the Tabernacle, he anointed it and set it apart as holy. He also anointed and set apart all its furnishings and the altar with its utensils. 2 Then the leaders of Israel—the tribal leaders who had registered the troops—came and brought their offerings. 3 Together they brought six large wagons and twelve oxen. There was a wagon for every two leaders and an ox for each leader. They presented these to the Lord in front of the Tabernacle.

4 Then the Lord said to Moses, 5 “Receive their gifts, and use these oxen and wagons for transporting the Tabernacle.[a] Distribute them among the Levites according to the work they have to do.” 6 So Moses took the wagons and oxen and presented them to the Levites. 7 He gave two wagons and four oxen to the Gershonite division for their work, 8 and he gave four wagons and eight oxen to the Merarite division for their work. All their work was done under the leadership of Ithamar son of Aaron the priest. 9 But he gave none of the wagons or oxen to the Kohathite division, since they were required to carry the sacred objects of the Tabernacle on their shoulders."

I think it was just as exciting to them as extreme home improvement is to us...

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