Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am changing your name

Your name.

It is important because everyone calls you your name. It becomes your identity. You are reminded of it many times each day. It is what you hear. What you process. What you take in.

I am taking some training these next two months. In the first session he talked about "Your Drunk Monkey". I had never heard that term before! He said, your drunk monkey sits on your shoulder and tells you things. In my industry, it would be - "It is hard to make sales right now." Or, "Why would anyone buy with you." The phrases go on and on.

The larger point is - we reinforce certain thoughts and beliefs again and again and again. In psychology it is called "self talk."

God had promised Abram that he would have desendants like the sand of the sea. At 86 years old he finally had sex with his wife's maid. I suppose part of what was going on was to find out whose "fault" it was. When the maid got pregnant Sarah wasn't too particularly happy. In case there was any question, it was her.

So Abram is in his late 90s with no kids. God promises him again.

1 "When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am El-Shaddai—‘God Almighty.’ Serve me faithfully and live a blameless life. 2 I will make a covenant with you, by which I will guarantee to give you countless descendants.”

3 At this, Abram fell face down on the ground. Then God said to him, 4 “This is my covenant with you: I will make you the father of a multitude of nations!

5 What’s more, I am changing your name. It will no longer be Abram. Instead, you will be called Abraham,[b] for you will be the father of many nations. 6 I will make you extremely fruitful. Your descendants will become many nations, and kings will be among them!

7 “I will confirm my covenant with you and your descendants[c] after you, from generation to generation. This is the everlasting covenant: I will always be your God and the God of your descendants after you. 8 And I will give the entire land of Canaan, where you now live as a foreigner, to you and your descendants. It will be their possession forever, and I will be their God.”

Now Abram is not to be called Abram - high father, exalted father.
He is to be called Abraham - father of many nations.

Nothing else had changed in his life. He was still an old man with one illegitimate child. But every time Sarah called him, he was "Father of many Nations." When a visitor came to the childless tent, he introduced himself as "Father of many Nations." Can you see the power in that?

Call it positive reinforcement. Call it positive self talk. Call it (something I hate) name it and claim it. Or (something I hate) fake it till you make it. Or call it not listening to your drunk monkey.

What you say to yourself matters.

What others say to you matters.

Time for a new name?

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