Monday, January 11, 2010

Good Intentions - Bad Result

In times of severe trouble, friends are indispensible.

They are always well meaning.
They can also come up with the strangest and weirdest solutions. When they apply pressure to accept those solutions, they can become bigger than the burden itself.

Just yesterday a friend was sharing how her daughter had non stop migraines. The group started jumping in with medicines and remedies. She explained that, although she appreciated the suggestions, they were on a plan with a medical team.. thank you very much.

My father fell years ago and ended up partially paralyzed. We all believe God has the power to heal - both miraculously and naturally. In fact, all healing is from God. But the pressure to go to this faith heaaler, and the other one was intense. Dod did try every option to gain the ability to walk again. But in the end, it was a more natural way - physical therapists and a WHOLE lot of hard work - that brought him his mobility back.

In our story Job's friends are very well meaning.

But in the end, their advice is all the same. You must have sinned. Repent and God will forgive you...

1 Then Eliphaz the Temanite replied to Job:

2 “Will you be patient and let me say a word?
For who could keep from speaking out?

3 “In the past you have encouraged many people;
you have strengthened those who were weak.
4 Your words have supported those who were falling;
you encouraged those with shaky knees.
5 But now when trouble strikes, you lose heart.
You are terrified when it touches you.
6 Doesn’t your reverence for God give you confidence?
Doesn’t your life of integrity give you hope?...

27 “We have studied life and found all this to be true.
Listen to my counsel, and apply it to yourself.”

When trouble strikes, your friends may help carry your burden.
But some of them may add to it instead!

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