Friday, December 18, 2009

Long Sermon - With a Surprise Ending

Have you ever had a preacher who went on and on?

In today's story Paul goes on and on. No 20 minute sermon here!

7 -9 "We met on Sunday to worship and celebrate the Master's Supper.
Paul addressed the congregation.
Our plan was to leave first thing in the morning, but Paul talked on, way past midnight.
We were meeting in a well-lighted upper room.
A young man named Eutychus was sitting in an open window.
As Paul went on and on, Eutychus fell sound asleep and toppled out the third-story window.
When they picked him up, he was dead."

Oh oh! That would certainly put an end to our church services! Call 911. Folks go to the hospital. Later everyone is calling each other with the terrible news. Paul's plans would be put on hold for several weeks...

That's not how this story ends at all!

10 -12 "Paul went down, stretched himself on him, and hugged him hard.
"No more crying," he said. "There's life in him yet."

The young man was raised from the dead!
THAT would certainly put an end to any of our church services! Disband in joy and unbelief. Go to your houses praising God...

That's not how the story ends either...

"Then Paul got up and served the Master's Supper.
And went on telling stories of the faith until dawn!
On that note, they left—Paul going one way, the congregation another, leading the boy off alive, and full of life themselves."

That is a surprise ending.
A 12 hour sermon, puctuated by - oh, a RESURRECTION FROM THE DEAD - and then on to Communion, then the service goes on until dawn.

Would you call that gathering boring? I think not!

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