Tuesday, September 22, 2009

God comes through

Daniel got the interpretation of the dream sometime during the night.

As soon as it was daylight, Daniel goes to his executioner.

24 So Daniel went back to Arioch, who had been put in charge of the execution. He said, "Call off the execution! Take me to the king and I'll interpret his dream."

There was a lot riding on this statement. If it is true, everybody lives. If Daniel is making stuff up, everybody dies. But then, everyone was under sentence of death anyway.

Even the executioner is excited.

25 Arioch didn't lose a minute. He ran to the king, bringing Daniel with him, and said, "I've found a man from the exiles of Judah who can interpret the king's dream!"

A VERY unlikely source! All the kings wise men, all his wizards, all his trusted associates - had not come through. Now some kid from a far away land? This might prove interesting...

26 The king asked Daniel (renamed in Babylonian, Belteshazzar), "Are you sure you can do this—tell me the dream I had and interpret it for me?"

Daniel is straight. This is not a time for political correctness. He lays it out, just like it is...

27 -28 Daniel answered the king, "No mere human can solve the king's mystery, I don't care who it is—no wise man, enchanter, magician, diviner. But there is a God in heaven who solves mysteries, and he has solved this one. He is letting King Nebuchadnezzar in on what is going to happen in the days ahead. This is the dream you had when you were lying on your bed, the vision that filled your mind:
29 -30 "While you were stretched out on your bed, O king, thoughts came to you regarding what is coming in the days ahead. The Revealer of Mysteries showed you what will happen. But the interpretation is given through me, not because I'm any smarter than anyone else in the country, but so that you will know what it means, so that you will understand what you dreamed.
31 -36 "What you saw, O king, was a huge statue standing before you, striking in appearance. And terrifying. The head of the statue was pure gold, the chest and arms were silver, the belly and hips were bronze, the legs were iron, and the feet were an iron-ceramic mixture. While you were looking at this statue, a stone cut out of a mountain by an invisible hand hit the statue, smashing its iron-ceramic feet. Then the whole thing fell to pieces—iron, tile, bronze, silver, and gold, smashed to bits. It was like scraps of old newspapers in a vacant lot in a hot dry summer, blown every which way by the wind, scattered to oblivion. But the stone that hit the statue became a huge mountain, dominating the horizon. This was your dream.

God came through!

Daniel was faithful to give praise and glory to God privately, and acknowledge God publically.

Every day this week I have met believers. The shoeshine man called to go into the military as a chaplain. The man sitting next to me who prays for a pastor we had in Bakersfield 44 years ago, who now has cancer. The believer born in Moldavia who is carrying out his profession with compassion and integrity. The man I met at the grand BBQ last night who told me his story of reading the Bible through 3 times in 3 years and how it changed his life.

God's people. Everywhere. Giving praise and glory to God privately, and acknowledging God publically.

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