Saturday, September 5, 2009

A dragon in the ocean

There is a visual!

"You are more like a dragon in the ocean, snorting and thrashing about!

This was a lament over Egypt - at the time one of the most powerful nations on earth. It's interesting. Now we would say, "Egypt? Really? It was once a powerful nation?"

Here is God's message...

1 -2 "In the twelfth year, on the first day of the twelfth month, God's Message came to me:
"Son of man, sing a funeral lament over Pharaoh king of Egypt.
Tell him:
"'You think you're a young lion
prowling through the nations.
You're more like a dragon in the ocean,
snorting and thrashing about.
3 -10 "'God, the Master, says:
"'I'm going to throw my net over you
—many nations will get in on this operation—
and haul you out with my dragnet.
I'll dump you on the ground
out in an open field
And bring in all the crows and vultures
for a sumptuous carrion lunch.
I'll invite wild animals from all over the world
to gorge on your guts.
I'll scatter hunks of your meat in the mountains
and strew your bones in the valleys.
The country, right up to the mountains,
will be drenched with your blood,
your blood filling every ditch and channel.
When I blot you out,
I'll pull the curtain on the skies
and shut out the stars.
I'll throw a cloud across the sun
and turn off the moonlight.
I'll turn out every light in the sky above you
and put your land in the dark.
Decree of God, the Master.
I'll shake up everyone worldwide
when I take you off captive to strange and far-off countries.
I'll shock people with you.
Kings will take one look and shudder.
I'll shake my sword
and they'll shake in their boots.
On the day you crash, they'll tremble,
"That could be me!"

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