Sunday, August 23, 2009

World Views in Collision!

We live in a time where there is a clash of cultures. Competing world views try to define and give meaning to everything that happens through their grid, or their lens.

So earthquakes and tornadoes have NOTHING to do with God! Oh No! They are because of global warming.

This is nothing new. In Jeremiah's time they had been invaded and their land was reduced to rubble. Jeremiah said it was God's punishment because the people had abandoned God and followed idols and an ungodly lifestyle.

Oh No! There was a completely OTHER explanation! Read with me...

15 -18The men who knew that their wives had been burning sacrifices to the no-gods, joined by a large crowd of women, along with virtually everyone living in Pathros of Egypt, answered Jeremiah: "We're having nothing to do with what you tell us is God's Message. We're going to go right on offering sacrifices to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out drink offerings to her, keeping up the traditions set by our ancestors, our kings and government leaders in the cities of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem in the good old days. We had a good life then—lots of food, rising standard of living, and no bad luck. But the moment we quit sacrificing to the Queen of Heaven and pouring out offerings to her, everything fell apart. We've had nothing but massacres and starvation ever since."

Jeremiah had a word from God about that nonsense...

27 -28"'All the Judeans in Egypt will die off by massacre or starvation until they're wiped out. The few who get out of Egypt alive and back to Judah will be very few, hardly worth counting. Then that ragtag bunch that left Judah to live in Egypt will know who had the last word.

20 -23Then Jeremiah spoke up, confronting the men and the women, all the people who had answered so insolently. He said, "The sacrifices that you and your parents, your kings, your government officials, and the common people of the land offered up in the cities of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem—don't you think God noticed? He noticed, all right. And he got fed up. Finally, he couldn't take your evil behavior and your disgusting acts any longer. Your land became a wasteland, a death valley, a horror story, a ghost town. And it continues to be just that. This doom has come upon you because you kept offering all those sacrifices, and you sinned against God! You refused to listen to him, wouldn't live the way he directed, ignored the covenant conditions."

We are no further ahead today. The loudest and most persistent voice in our culture says we will do it our way. Go away, God. Leave us alone.

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Gary Gilliam said...

What a great post, Phil! Thanks, brother.