Friday, August 7, 2009


He kept straight on the path blazed by his ancestor David, not one step to either left or right.


As in, "Strait as an arrow". Today, it's known as "straight" instead of "gay." Also connotes "true" and in "right on" or "not devious".

There is a little boy in II Kings 22 called Josiah. He became king when he was 8 years old.

The good book says he lived the way God wanted, all his days.

He decides to rebuild the temple. So he organizes the workers and the money. Here is an interesting tid bit. He said, "Also, authorize them to buy the lumber and dressed stone for The Temple repairs. You don't need to get a receipt for the money you give them—they're all honest men."

Straight. What a wonderful experience when the leader, the people, the workers, are all true to God, and honest, and trustworthy.

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