Saturday, August 1, 2009

God's Mighty Missionary Movement

Isaih did not know what he was talking about when he uttered these amazing words...

I'm going to come and then gather everyone—all nations, all languages. They'll come and see my glory. I'll set up a station at the center. I'll send the survivors of judgment all over the world: Spain and Africa, Turkey and Greece, and the far-off islands that have never heard of me, who know nothing of what I've done nor who I am.

I'll send them out as missionaries to preach my glory among the nations. They'll return with all your long-lost brothers and sisters from all over the world. They'll bring them back and offer them in living worship to God. They'll bring them on horses and wagons and carts, on mules and camels, straight to my holy mountain Jerusalem," says God. "They'll present them just as Israelites present their offerings in a ceremonial vessel in the Temple of God. I'll even take some of them and make them priests and Levites," says God.

22 -23"For just as the new heavens and new earth that I am making will stand firm before me" —God's Decree— "So will your children and your reputation stand firm.

Month after month and week by week, everyone will come to worship me," God says.

These last two centuries have seen the mightiest missionary movement of all time.

It will not die down.

It will not stop.

It will build into a mighty crescendo as God builds His People - His Church.

And THEN will the end come.


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