Sunday, August 2, 2009

Amon's Song

Amon's Song

Ballad to the short wicked life of Amon the king.

Amon king of Judah when he was just twenty two
The son of ole Manasseh who was evil through and through
The old man was a bad man, putting idols in the temple
And he killed innocent people - on no what a bad example.

The boy did not improve, doing the same old evil things
Bowing down to wood and stone, falling down upon his shins
So God said "bye bye Amon", your days as king are done
There aren't a hundred gods in Judah, in fact there's only One.

His servants were revolting, they killed him in his crib
(no not the one for babies) - his palace where he lived!
So just two years had come and gone, since Amon became king
And just like that his time was done, his wicked life of sin.

Is the story done, is it all over, is there no more to tell?
Well the people got together and before they said farewell,
They killed the king's assassins, put them in an early grave
Installed his son Josiah, a good king, kind and brave.

Amon's reign was short, his life was short, this story is short too,
The lesson is so simple, remember God in all you do,
And pick your servants carefully, you want them wise and true,
And if you get the wrong ones - they could be the end of you!
- Phil Leng
The inspiration for this little poem is found in 2 Kings 21

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