Saturday, June 20, 2009

The "Must Be At" Event

Obama's inaguration was a "Must Be At" event. People all over the country were cashing in favors, paying money and doing whatever they could, to make sure they were at that historical event.

In the Bible reading today, there was a "Must Be At" event for the Israelites.
Solomon had spent 7 years building this magnificent building called the Temple. God was pleased, and had promised to be their God, and lead the people.
11 -13 The word of God came to Solomon saying, "About this Temple you are building—what's important is that you live the way I've set out for you and do what I tell you, following my instructions carefully and obediently. Then I'll complete in you the promise I made to David your father. I'll personally take up my residence among the Israelites—I won't desert my people Israel."
The date was set. The invitations went out. Everyone who could be there WAS there.
1 Kings 8
1 -2 Bringing all this to a climax, King Solomon called in the leaders of Israel, all the heads of the tribes and the family patriarchs, to bring up the Chest of the Covenant of God from Zion, the City of David. And they came, all Israel before King Solomon in the month of Ethanim, the seventh month, for the great autumn festival.
3 -5 With all Israel's leaders present, the priests took up the Chest of God and carried up the Chest and the Tent of Meeting and all the holy vessels that went with the Tent. King Solomon and the entire congregation of Israel were there at the Chest worshiping and sacrificing huge numbers of sheep and cattle—so many that no one could keep track."
It was lavish worship of God almighty. It was the presentation of a significant offering to God, simply recognizing His grandeur, His power, His transcendence.
10 -11 When the priests left the Holy Place, a cloud filled The Temple of God. The priests couldn't carry out their priestly duties because of the cloud—the glory of God filled The Temple of God!
God demonstrated His pleasure at being honored and obeyed, and also His awesome power and presence.
12 -13 Then Solomon spoke:
God has told us that he lives in the dark
where no one can see him;
I've built this splendid Temple, O God,
to mark your invisible presence forever."
Later he prayed:
22 -25 Before the entire congregation of Israel, Solomon took a position before the Altar, spread his hands out before heaven, and prayed,
O God, God of Israel, there is no God like you in the skies above or on the earth below who unswervingly keeps covenant with his servants and relentlessly loves them as they sincerely live in obedience to your way. You kept your word to David my father, your personal word. You did exactly what you promised—every detail. The proof is before us today!
Keep it up, God, O God of Israel! Continue to keep the promises you made to David my father when you said, "You'll always have a descendant to represent my rule on Israel's throne, on the condition that your sons are as careful to live obediently in my presence as you have." 26 O God of Israel, let this all happen; confirm and establish it!
27 -32 Can it be that God will actually move into our neighborhood? Why, the cosmos itself isn't large enough to give you breathing room, let alone this Temple I've built. Even so, I'm bold to ask: Pay attention to these my prayers, both intercessory and personal, O God, my God. Listen to my prayers, energetic and devout, that I'm setting before you right now. Keep your eyes open to this Temple night and day, this place of which you said, "My Name will be honored there," and listen to the prayers that I pray at this place."
This was the crowning achievement of the life of Solomon the king.
What is MY mark going to be, on the world I am living in?

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His Daughter said...

thank you phil, i need to start asking myself this question too. AWESOME post, that was such a powerful prayer by King Solomon