Wednesday, June 3, 2009


How many little girls do you know named Abishag? Ok - so do you know ANYONE named Abishag?

Do you know anyone named David? A guzzilion? Hmmmm.

Here is what the Bible says about Abishag.

"We're going to get a young virgin for our master the king to be at his side and look after him; she'll get in bed with you and arouse our master the king." So they searched the country of Israel for the most ravishing girl they could find; they found Abishag the Shunammite and brought her to the king. The girl was stunningly beautiful; she stayed at his side and looked after the king, but the king did not have sex with her."

A beautiful girl. A virgin. Brought to keep the king warm. And apparently the hope was that she would warm him up in other ways. But it didn't work.

The next time we read about Abishag is a few verses later. 15 -16 "Bathsheba went at once to the king in his palace bedroom. He was so old! Abishag was at his side making him comfortable."

So here was Abishag, doing what she was supposed to do. Although it was a great honor to get to help the king, I'm sure this is not the life she imagined for herself growing up. Being the 24 hour nurse to an old, old man. I'm sure she would rather be obscure, married to someone she loved, raising a family.

The last time we hear about her is indirectly. Oldest living son Adonijah tried to take over the kingdom. That failed rather abruptly. Now old king David has died, and Adonijah is thinking, here is this beautiful, beautiful girl. She's a virgin. I think I'll take her. Here is the story.

13 -14 "Adonijah son of Haggith came to Bathsheba, Solomon's mother. She said, "Do you come in peace?"
He said, "In peace." And then, "May I say something to you?"
"Go ahead," she said, "speak."
15 -16 "You know that I had the kingdom right in my hands and everyone expected me to be king, and then the whole thing backfired and the kingdom landed in my brother's lap—God's doing. So now I have one request to ask of you; please don't refuse me."
"Go ahead, ask," she said.
17 "Ask King Solomon—he won't turn you down—to give me Abishag the Shunammite as my wife."
18 "Certainly," said Bathsheba. "I'll speak to the king for you."

Guess how that little story ends? Well, Adonijah loses his life over that one! End of Adonijah...

How about dear little Abishag? No body knows. She is never mentioned again.

An honorable woman. Doing what she is supposed to do. Lives an apparently ordinary life after that. Yet I have a feeling that God is pleased with her.

Does that sound like you? Like me?

Abishag. Remember that name next time you are pregnant...


John Hartman said...

wow, love the picture
funny I was looking Abishag up as I did think of her. Funny!

John Hartman said...

Funny I was thinking of Her :)