Thursday, May 21, 2009

Financial squeeze? Solution!

I had never seen this before.

After all the drama of the civil war and all, David went back to Jerusalem and was running the country as king.

Then there was trouble. Here is what it says...

1"There was a famine in David's time. It went on year after year after year—three years. David went to God seeking the reason." (2 Samuel 21)

WE have been in an economic famine during OUR time. And IT has gone on year after year after year. We (that is me and my wife) are fully vested in real estate, to the exclusion of almost everything else. Our retirement, our income, our business - everything was vested in real estate. So we have been hit hard. But the whole country has been hit hard. As I deal in the foreclosure market, I see people from every walk of life devastated. Even those who kept 6 months of savings aside, did not have enough for 2 years of downturn. And it isn't over yet.

THAT caught my attention. But what came next even more so!

"God said..."

Hold on a minute! How did David KNOW God said? HOW did God speak? How was David SO SURE that it was God? Especially WHAT God said. It seems a little bizarre. Was David just making this up? Here is how the story unfolds...

"God said, "This is because there is blood on Saul and his house, from the time he massacred the Gibeonites." (2 Samuel 21)

REALLY? Did God just speak those words out loud? Did God "impress on his heart"? Can you imagine being on David's cabinet, and at the next daily briefing, the leader of the land says, "This is because there is blood on Saul and his house, from the time he massacred the Gibeonites?" Would you not think he was crazy? So here is how the story played out...

2 "the king called the Gibeonites together for consultation. (The Gibeonites were not part of Israel; they were what was left of the Amorites, and protected by a treaty with Israel. But Saul, a fanatic for the honor of Israel and Judah, tried to kill them off.)
3 David addressed the Gibeonites: "What can I do for you? How can I compensate you so that you will bless God's legacy of land and people?"
4 The Gibeonites replied, "We don't want any money from Saul and his family. And it's not up to us to put anyone in Israel to death."
But David persisted: "What are you saying I should do for you?"
5 -6 Then they told the king, "The man who tried to get rid of us, who schemed to wipe us off the map of Israel—well, let seven of his sons be handed over to us to be executed—hanged before God at Gibeah of Saul, the holy mountain."
And David agreed, "I'll hand them over to you."

He did. And here is how the story ends.

"They did everything the king ordered to be done. That cleared things up: from then on God responded to Israel's prayers for the land."

Are you in a financial squeeze? The solution...

Listen to God.

And do what He says...