Saturday, April 4, 2009

Man of God - With a Weakness

Today we are introduced to one of the most colorful people in the entire Bible. His birth was announced by an angel to a barren woman, he was filled with the Spirit of God as a young man, and God used him to wreck havoc on the Philistines, who had been oppressing the Israelites for 40 years.

As a young man, he sees a Philistine girl he must have. He convinces his parents to go with him to make arrangements to marry her. On the way, a lion jumps out at him. He rips it to pieces with his bare hands.

Later, at the wedding ceremony itself, the Philistines send 30 young guys to mingle, since they didn't trust him. He gave them a riddle. If they solved it, he would give them thirty linen garments and thirty changes of fine clothing. If they couldn't, they would give same number to him.

So they ask the girl to get the info. She pours on the tears for the 7 days of the wedding feast. He finally caves in, gives her the answer. She gives it to them and now Sampson is in a financial bind.
So he goes down, kills 30 Philistines with his bare hands, dispossessed them of their fine clothes, and hands the clothes over to the thirty young guys.
(And you thought that killing someone for their sneakers was a recent invention!)
So Samson stormed home, without his bride. Dad gives bride to best man.
Judges 15:1 -2 "Later on—it was during the wheat harvest—Samson visited his bride, bringing a young goat. He said, "Let me see my wife—show me her bedroom."
But her father wouldn't let him in. He said, "I concluded that by now you hated her with a passion, so I gave her to your best man. But her little sister is even more beautiful. Why not take her instead?"
3 Samson said, "That does it. This time when I wreak havoc on the Philistines, I'm blameless."
4 -5 Samson then went out and caught three hundred jackals. He lashed the jackals' tails together in pairs and tied a torch between each pair of tails. He then set fire to the torches and let them loose in the Philistine fields of ripe grain. Everything burned, both stacked and standing grain, vineyards and olive orchards—everything."
Samson sets the fields on fire. Philistines get mad and burn bride and dad to the ground. Sampson gets mad and kills a bunch of Philistines.
They get mad, get 1000 men and come after him. He gets mad, grabs the jawbone of a donkey, and kills all 1000 men.

Talk about bad relations with the in laws!

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