Saturday, April 11, 2009


1 : marked by impulsive vehemence or passion 2 : marked by force and violence of movement or action

Today we read a gripping story. But in the background is this looming tragedy.

It starts with an act of bravery. "Jonathan attacked and killed the Philistine governor stationed at Geba (Gibeah). When the Philistines heard the news, they raised the alarm: "The Hebrews are in revolt!" Saul ordered the reveille trumpets blown throughout the land. The word went out all over Israel, "Saul has killed the Philistine governor—drawn first blood! The Philistines are stirred up and mad as hornets!" Summoned, the army came to Saul at Gilgal. "

Act 2 is disaster. Saul assembles an army, but they melt just looking at the huge and invincible Philistine force. They start running away, hiding in caves and pits, even running away as far east as the other side of the Jordan river!

Now Saul only has 600 warriors left, and they haven't even started fighting!

Act three is an incredible story all by itself. 23 "A patrol of Philistines took up a position at Micmash Pass. (1 Samuel 14)1 -3 Later that day, Jonathan, Saul's son, said to his armor bearer, "Come on, let's go over to the Philistine garrison patrol on the other side of the pass." But he didn't tell his father."

Jonathan and his armor bearer kick butt! 14 -15 "In this first bloody encounter, Jonathan and his armor bearer killed about twenty men."

Not only did they fight incredibly, but their little victory had a cascading effect on the rest of teh Philistines. " That set off a terrific upheaval in both camp and field, the soldiers in the garrison and the raiding squad badly shaken up, the ground itself shuddering—panic like you've never seen before! "

Act 4. All the Israelites join the fray and get a huge victory. 20 -23 "Saul immediately called his army together and they went straight to the battle. When they got there they found total confusion—Philistines swinging their swords wildly, killing each other. Hebrews who had earlier defected to the Philistine camp came back. They now wanted to be with Israel under Saul and Jonathan. Not only that, but when all the Israelites who had been hiding out in the backwoods of Ephraim heard that the Philistines were running for their lives, they came out and joined the chase. God saved Israel! What a day! "

Act 5. Saul is Impetuous. 24 "Saul did something really foolish that day. He addressed the army: "A curse on the man who eats anything before evening, before I've wreaked vengeance on my enemies!" None of them ate a thing all day. "

Of course, he didn't know that the ONE person who had had the courage to confront this huge and fearsome military force was Jonathan, and Jonathan, who was too busy fighting to sit around and hear his father's impetuous burst of idiocy, was the one person who was going to eat something that day.

Have you ever done something impetuous?

Do you have the courage and wisdom to realize it was stupid, stop it, correct it and change course as needed?

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Anonymous said...

Once I rode on a very small motorbike with my cousin and brother. I realize it was stupid and have decided not to repeat it. - Heidi