Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dysfunctional Family

It's the first Royal Family in Israel.

Only one son is mentioned, and two daughters. Saul had two other sons who are only mentioned when they died.

David has come on the scene, first as a paid musician, then as a battlefield hero, then a permanent resident of the royal house. He spent some time as musician and soldier, then as son in law. Now he is a hated enemy and threat both to Saul and eventually, to his heir - Jonathan.

Saul has desended into bipolar disorder accompanied by a lot of family violence and double dealing. He offers David his oldest daughter in marriage, then renigs. The next daughter is in love with David, so he gives her to him. Three times he throws his spear at David. Three times David ducks in time to not get impaled to the wall. Apparently he was deft enough to get his harp out of the way as well, because he continued to play it.

Now his violent anger explodes on his son.

30 -31 "Saul exploded in anger at Jonathan: "You son of a slut! Don't you think I know that you're in cahoots with the son of Jesse, disgracing both you and your mother? For as long as the son of Jesse is walking around free on this earth, your future in this kingdom is at risk. Now go get him. Bring him here. From this moment, he's as good as dead!"
32 Jonathan stood up to his father. "Why dead? What's he done?"
33 Saul threw his spear at him to kill him. That convinced Jonathan that his father was fixated on killing David.
34 Jonathan stormed from the table, furiously angry, and ate nothing the rest of the day, upset for David and smarting under the humiliation from his father. "

This is the first family of the nation. The Royalty. The rulers.
They had all the "goodies" available at the time.
But I don't think there was a lot of happiness.

Did someone say once, "money doesn't buy happiness?"

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