Saturday, April 25, 2009

Break Out in Song!

I like to sing.
In fact, I am singing a lot of the time. Sometimes I don't even know if the song is inside my head or out where others can hear it. Sometimes I am just humming.

A while ago a rather sensational study was published that said that many people found a more intense pleasure from music than even from sex!

Well, King David was musical. He played the harp. He composed music. He made up poems, and set them to music. Many of his prayers were songs. Maybe he prayed as he sang, or sang as he prayed. He was comfortable with praying, and worshipping and singing.

Don't remember reading anything at all about King Saul and worship. If you remember a few blogs ago, Saul kept his religion right to the end, but his religion was empty of any relationship with God. It was an empty shell of ritual for show...

David had relationship with God. So it is not a great surprise to read this...

David's Worship Leaders
31 -32 "These are the persons David appointed to lead the singing in the house of God after the Chest was placed there. They were the ministers of music in the place of worship, which was the Tent of Meeting until Solomon built The Temple of God in Jerusalem. As they carried out their work, they followed the instructions given to them.
33 -38 These are the persons, together with their sons, who served by preparing for and directing worship: from the family of the Kohathites was Heman the choirmaster, the son of Joel... the son of Levi, the son of Israel.
39 -43 Heman's associate Asaph stood at his right hand. Asaph was the son of Berekiah... the son of Levi.
44 -47 Of the sons of Merari, the associates who stood at his left hand, was Ethan the son of Kishi... the son of Levi.
48 The rest of the Levites were assigned to all the other work in the place of worship, the house of God." (IChronicles 6)

A former pastor said, "lift your arms to God, and your heart will follow..." I remember looking around, and seeing all these old guys like me (I was 40 at the time) raising their arms and worshipping God with all their heart. Tears were not uncommon. I was impressed.

So I raised my arms to God, and found my heart followed!
We are built to worship.

The one we are designed to worship - is God.

So follow David's lead and pour your heart out to God - in music, in song, in prayer, in worship.

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His Daughter said...

great post phil. it always seem that i am fulfilling my purpose the most when my heart and hands are raised in worship to Christ. there is no greater moment than this! can you imagine what worship will be like in heaven? WOW!