Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Wisdom Store

I remember why I have always liked Deuteronomy so well.

Moses is an old man. He is telling the story again - from the beginning.

It's like a store, where you can come to buy some wisdom.

The name means "second law", because indeed, he repeats the law, and much of what has already been written. But he adds the perspective of a man who has walked with God for a life time. He has seen God work. He has seen people respond. And people rebel.

It's sort of like the game my oldest granddaughter likes to play. It goes like this... "Grandpa, tell me a story of when you were little." Are you familiar with that game? Did you play it yourself? With your parents? Other relatives? YOUR grandparents?

So we get to hear, up close and personal, from a great man of God. I don't know if all the people there realized what a privilege it was.

We DO, however. So pull up a chair.

You are welcome to ask questions.

He will tell the entire story.

He starts with a recap of their 40 years of wandering. They could have gotten into the promised land in two years. Here Moses says their sojourn was because of their disobedience and rebellion.

Wow! Has that ever happened to you?

Time wasted. Time lost.


Because you were not following the path God wanted to lead you on?


Its gonna be good...

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His Daughter said...

i know what you mean, disobedience leads to soooooo much pain. i love all of deut. its a great book.