Sunday, March 1, 2009

So - You Want to be a Leader?

It started innocently enough.

It was a simple and appropriate decision. The people are close to the area they plan to invade, take over, and settle in. Moses sends out 12 CIA agents, carefully selected leaders, one from each family group.

They do reconnaissance throughout Canaan for 40 days, investigating the people, the culture, troop strength, the land, the crops. After they come back, they submit a highly classified dossier to the Commander in Chief.

The report leaks to the press, and pandemonium breaks out! Seriously! Read this:

1 -3 "The whole community was in an uproar, wailing all night long. All the People of Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron. The entire community was in on it: "Why didn't we die in Egypt? Or in this wilderness? Why has God brought us to this country to kill us? Our wives and children are about to become plunder. Why don't we just head back to Egypt? And right now!"
4 Soon they were all saying it to one another: "Let's pick a new leader; let's head back to Egypt."
5 Moses and Aaron fell on their faces in front of the entire community, gathered in emergency session."

Sounds just like the main stream media in the US about the war in Iraq. At least, between the time of initial success, and before the final success.

Sometimes it is great to be the leader.

Sometimes it sucks...

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Anonymous said...

That’s brilliant.
And I have had times where I can relate to that all too well!
Thankfully today is not one of those times.