Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mold, Germs and Quarantine

Today's reading is Leviticus 14 and 15. It deals with some very practical issues:

Mold. I have been in the Real Estate Brokerage business for years, and recently the Federal Government of the US passed some strict mold disclosure laws. Surprise! There are very complete mold laws in this passage. It includes discovery, remediation, and if necessary - demolition.

Germs. Around 1860 it was discovered that bacteria causes illnesses. French chemist Louis Pasteur called the bacteria "germs." However, this passage has a very complete treatment for germs. Primary emphasis is on cleanliness.

Quarantine. "In the 14th century the recognition that... plague was introduced by ships... led to the adoption of quarantine in Venice. The Venetian system became the model for other European countries..." - Encyclopaedia Britannica. Quarantine as a means of preventing the spread of infectious diseases is fully laid out in Leviticus.

Interesting! Do you suppose God knew all about these scientific realities before our "advanced" society discovered them?

So God's care for us extends even to the practical areas of health and disease cure and prevention...

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