Monday, February 2, 2009

Sometimes you do right - and everything gets worse

We expect good moral choices to have good consequences. It seems to be built into our nature.
But what about those times when we decide to do the right thing, and everything gets worse for us?
That is part of the plotline of the terrific movie "Fireproof." A young husband decides to save his marriage - and his relationship seems to spiral downward.
It happened to Moses in yesterday's reading. He obeyed God and confronted Pharoah. Then we read this,
'Moses went back to God and said, "My Master, why are you treating this people so badly? And why did you ever send me? From the moment I came to Pharaoh to speak in your name, things have only gotten worse for this people. And rescue? Does this look like rescue to you?" '
Moses did exactly what God asked him to do. The result? Pharoah went apoplectic and made the cruel burden on the Israelites even worse. Talk about confusing!
Four years ago I started a company that was ostensibly to raise lots of money for missions around the world. That company did so badly that I had to shut it down, sell my main business, now my house, and I still owe lots of money after those two are accomplished. Talk about confusing!
As I read about Moses, knowing the rest of the story, I realize that we as people always live inside our story. We don't - we can't see the big picture. God does, though, and He is accomplishing His purposes. In our lives. And in the world.

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