Friday, February 27, 2009


I am struck again by the simplicity and power of the relationship of God with His people. Take today's passage. It starts out simply, and GRANDLY with the statement, "God spoke to Moses."

No big deal. Nothing unusual. Same as every day. "God spoke to Moses." Does it all the time. Yeah, its Moses chatting with the Creator.

You can tell that's astonishing to me by the title of my blog.

Let's put it in perspective. There are billions of galaxies. Trillions of stars. In our Milky Way Galaxy, there are millions of stars. On the little spinning blue orb that we inhabit, there are 6.3 BILLION people. In all that complexity God - the creator and sustainer of the universe talks to... ME? WOW!


1 -2 God spoke to Moses: "Tell Aaron, Install the seven lamps so they will throw light in front of the Lampstand. 3 -4 Aaron did just that."

In the great little book, "The Shack" William P Young presents God as a warm and loving Black Momma who wraps her arms around the hero of the book at the point of greatest pain in his life.

At the time I read it, I said to Patti it is either a brilliant presentation of a personal, warm, loving God, or it is heretical. Interestingly enough, the Christian community has come out on both of those alternatives. Upon reflection, I personally believe it is a valuable description of the God who is, and who is "ever present to help in time of need."

So here is God, talking to Moses. And Moses passes on His Word to Aaron. And Aaron obeys in every detail.

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