Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Night Crossing

So it just hit me the the Israelites crossed through the Red Sea at night.

All night, in fact.

Maybe it was God's mercy, so they followed in blind obedience, and couldn't see very much, so they wouldn't be so afraid.

I've got to wonder? Were there fish swimming in the sea that suddenly came to the edge and flopped onto the dry sand? And if so, did the Israelites (who have the reputation of never passing up a bargain)stop and pick up the fish for dinner the next day?

Does God do this stuff today?

Look at all the miraculous things that happened. The cloud. The wind.The parting of the waters. The dry ground beneath. The Israelites carts did not get stuck, but Pharoah's chariots did. The unparting of the sea at the right time. The drowning of Pharoah's army.

It seems like in my experience, when I get stuck, there are no miracles. I have to face the consequences. All of them.

But they had one miracle after another.

Does God do this stuff today?

Would He ever do it for me?

Maybe for YOU. But for ME?

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Anonymous said...

So can I respond to todays entry?
I wish God did those big showy type miracles for us (seems like he still does for others around the world), but not on the mass scale like the exodus stories...

BUT we also have the Holy Spirit indwelling going for us that they didn't have.
More intimate.
Often harder to "hear" or "see", but closer than what they got to experience.

Just thoughts.
I prayed for you this morning driving into work.