Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Lecture

Patti and I saw the movie "Taken" last night. The movie starts out showing the love of this father for his somewhat estranged daughter, and the sacrifices he is making to renew their relationship.

The Dad is a powerful dude, as we see for the last three quarters of the movie. But at the start, the daughter, who is 17 years old, asks for permission to go alone, with a young girlfriend, to Paris.

The Dad delivers a lecture, which neither daughter nor estranged wife appreciate. However, the lecture is delivered because he loves and cares for his daughter. And Dad is fully prepared to back up his promise to take care of his little girl. I loved the movie, because it is a strong action film with some good values at the core.

Today my reading is from Exodus 25-27, and I read ahead all the way through chapter 31. It would seem like it should be scintillating reading. After all the commotion and display of God's extraordinary power, Moses and God get to talk face to face. For 40 days. Wonderful! Intimate! Exclusive!

Actually, it is kind of boring. (Pardon me, God, for saying it) God delivers a lecture. It doesn't seem like Moses said a peep. I guess he was listening hard, because he didn't write anything down at the time. And later, he recreated it all from memory for us to have.

God gives detailed instructions on making the Tabernacle, where He is to be worshipped. Detailed instructions on how the relationship between God and His people is to be carried out over time.

It reminds me of the movie again. The Dad had a list of instructions, to be carried out carefully and exactly. His daughter's safety depended on it. She didn't care for the lecture, she was just so excited that he gave her his permission. Later, every one of his instructions were critical for her survival.

God's greatest interest is in a living, loving ongoing relationship with us. That is what He spent His time talking to Moses about.

We too, seem to be anxious teenagers. Impatient at the commands. Determined to charge into life. But it pays to listen. God has our best interests at heart...

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