Saturday, February 14, 2009

I know I'm in Trouble, and I Have NO Idea Why!!

Has this ever happened to you?

Something is wrong...

Probably something I did...

She's cold and distant...

What did I do? How do I make it right?

This HAS happened to me. Many times...

I guess this is an approriate question, for Valentine's Day.

Our reading in Leviticus 5-7 talks about the same problem. Except the relationship is with God. We commit sins both known and unknown. And God presents several solutions.

"When you are guilty, immediately confess the sin that you've committed and bring as your penalty to God for the sin you have committed a female lamb or goat from the flock for an Absolution-Offering."(Lev. 5:5&6)

There was a fix for every different relationship problem with God. "These are the instructions for the Whole-Burnt-Offering, the Grain-Offering, the Absolution-Offering, the Compensation-Offering, the Ordination-Offering, and the Peace-Offering which God gave Moses at Mount Sinai on the day he commanded the People of Israel to present their offerings to God in the wilderness of Sinai." Leviticus 7: 37, 38)

Come to think of it, that works for your wife or girlfriend also. Recognize what you did wrong. Confess it. Make it right.

Happy Valentines's Day!