Monday, February 23, 2009

God speaks in the Humdrum

Today we march into Numbers. (That is a pun, but you would have to read the passage to get it...

Numbers starts so casually with the words, "God spoke to Moses..." So natural. No big deal. "God spoke to Moses."

Moses was to organize the people according to families (tribes) and number them. The Levites were to be in charge of setting up, taking down, carrying the beautiful tent where God was to be worshipped.

They started out great. "The People of Israel did everything that God commanded Moses. They did it all."

Chapter two has LOTS of numbers. I think I would call this book, the book of Numbers (ha ha). No I didn't read all the text, I just skip over all the verses with lists and numbers. But at the end of chapter two, everyone is lined up, in groups, under their proper flag, feeling quite organized and connected.

The chapter ends: "The People of Israel did everything the way God commanded Moses: They camped under their respective flags; they marched by tribe with their ancestral families."

So a lot of life is just routine. Going to bed. Getting up. Eating. Brushing your teeth. Going to work. Working. Coming home from work.

Yet in the routine, in the humdrum, God can still speak. We can still listen. And we can do "everything the way God commanded..."

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