Friday, February 6, 2009

God - Active, Powerful, Terrifying

We are now reading in Exodus where God gives the ten commandments.

God has decided to demonstrate His Presence, His Power and His Greatness.

First He has all the people prepare. "God said to Moses, 'Go to the people. For the next two days get these people ready to meet the Holy God. Have them scrub their clothes so that on the third day they'll be fully prepared, because on the third day God will come down on Mount Sinai and make his presence known to all the people. Post boundaries for the people all around, telling them, 'Warning! Don't climb the mountain. Don't even touch its edge. Whoever touches the mountain dies—a certain death.'" (Exodus 19:20-23)

Then He gives the biggest show of His power and awesomeness in the history of His dealing with His people. "On the third day at daybreak, there were loud claps of thunder, flashes of lightning, a thick cloud covering the mountain, and an ear-piercing trumpet blast. Everyone in the camp shuddered in fear. Moses led the people out of the camp to meet God. They stood at attention at the base of the mountain.
Mount Sinai was all smoke because God had come down on it as fire. Smoke poured from it like smoke from a furnace. The whole mountain shuddered in huge spasms. The trumpet blasts grew louder and louder. Moses spoke and God answered in thunder. God descended to the peak of Mount Sinai. God called Moses up to the peak and Moses climbed up." (Exodus 19:16-20)

Has this happened to you in church recently? Or anywhere in your life, for that matter?

Loud noise. Smoke pouring forth. Everything shaking violently. Fire burning hot up at the top. God's voice coming out like thunder.

Would you doubt that God was alive? Or powerful? Or to be revered?

Whoever touched the mountain would immediately die. Do you think anyone was bored?

Would you be on your best behavior at church if the penalty for a mis step was instant death?


I wish I was there! I wish it would happen today!

Or do I?

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