Friday, February 13, 2009

Giving our Best to our gods

In my reading this morning, I am charging into Leviticus. Before I get into it, I should admit that I have always found Leviticus and Numbers boring and repetitious. Like, what is wrong with having Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy. A Triptateuch instead of a Pentateuch?

I know, I know. It is the Holy Book. Inspired by God. I have no right to question what is there and what is not there. But reading through the Psalms has taught me that God is not afraid of our questions, and emotions, and doubts and struggles. We do not have to hold back from God, afraid we will hurt His feelings, or afraid He will hurt our - well our existance! You know - bolt of lightning/ smudge of soot. "Oops. Did I overreact to your question?" sort of relationship with God. So, we are not to be "flip" with Him, but nor do we have to walk on eggshells. It is, after all, a relationship. One that He wants...

Back to Leviticus.

Here we are introduced to the whole offering thing. One little piece of it jumped out at me today. "present a male without a defect at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting that it may be accepted by God." That is repeated several times.

God wants our best. What does that mean?

I guess we always give our gods our best. Watch a man washing and polishing his cherished car. No spots are left dirty, or unwaxed. Think of the tremendous effort that materialistic North Americans give to their job. They sacrifice their sleep, their time, their comfort and many times even their dignity for the money they make. Don't get me wrong. A job is important. Paying your bills is important. But when money is your god, it is clear that you give it your very, very best.

A flashback from my own life. I had been a very high producing real estate salesperson for a large chunk of my life. (I may have to go back to that) I remember HOW much effort, and attention, and time, and energy, and creativity I dedicated to that endeavor. Why? Well, to make good money, of course.

A small experience from a few weeks ago. A dear couple whom we love and have known for years called us. Wanted to get together. Any night of the week would work. When we finally got to the purpose of the visit, it was to present some multi-level marketing thing. My wife said - NO. Cancel the appointment. I called them back. "Would LOVE to get together, I said. But not for THAT. But if you will not mention your multi level thing, come on over." Suddenly they did not have time. Some other time, they said.


So we routinely (me included) give money our best. We routinely give our other gods our best.

What does it mean to give GOD our best?

(Maybe Leviticus won't be so bad, AFTER ALL).

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hotredsly said...

I agree with you girl God want us to not be afraid to express how we feel after all he knows our heart and knows what we are thinking,not saying it out loud mean nothing because he know what inside our heart