Sunday, February 8, 2009


Remember Titanic the movie? It was a huge financial success, netting almost 2 billion dollars worldwide. At the heart of the movie was a love story. Yes, the couple shown on the poster.

What bothered me about the fictional story is that the girl pictured had officially pledged herself in marriage to someone else. So the entire movie, this engaged girl is carrying on with someone else. SO wrong!

We could call her fickle. But she is not the only one.

In todays story the people of Israel get impatient. Less than 40 days ago they had pledged their love and obedience to God almighty. Now they weren't so sure. Maybe Moses died. We pledged our obedience and loyalty to God yesterday, but this is today.

So they do the unthinkable. They build a calf out of their earrings and gold jewelry. And they bowed down and worshipped it. Unbelievable!

They threw a party for this "god" they made and the party got out of control. This was in the days BEFORE cocaine...

God - Almighty God - is so mad He wants to kill them all and start over with Moses!

(We'll finish THIS drama tomorrow...)

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hotredsly said...

I love this story too,I think we are all like the children of Israel at time.we complain when things don't go the way we want them to and sit and think about the pass when the pass was not that good anyway.So we are always in the same situations because we don't learn to trust in God.