Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Contest

All of human history involves a contest.

It is as old as the earth is. And it is an epic battle. God versus man with his (freely given) free will.

Nowhere do we see the contest more clearly than between Moses and Pharoah. Or should I say, between God and Pharoah.

Here is Pharoah on the one side. The most powerful man on earth. And God on the other side, working through Moses. Moses is a simple man with no status, no position, no army, no money. The proud, unbending will of man, versus God almighty.

And what a battle! Lightning and hail, blood lice flies and frogs. Cattle die. People choke. The whole land stinks!

Moses boldly declares "Let my people GO!"

Pharoah's answer is:
1. No.
2. No.
3. No.
4. Maybe.
5. No.
6. No.
7. Maybe. No.
8. Maybe. No.
9. Maybe. No.
10. I surrender. Go.

He is a lot like us. Our life is a contest between surrender to God's will, and our proud declaration that we CAN do it on our own. We WILL do it on our own.

In the end, we all know God wins.

So why don't we freely, and gladly, surrender to God's will each day, and many times during each day? It seems so logical. Why is it so hard?

God won in the contest with Pharoah. God wins in the final chapter. Let's surrender today to God's will in our lives.

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