Saturday, January 31, 2009


We are now considered certified members of the dark ages if we are not blogging.So what is blogging?A blog is like an online journal that allows somebody to share their thoughts with the public in the form of blog posts.The infinitive is "to blog"The term "blog" is both a verb and a noun. As in "Do you blog?" - clearly used as a verb. Or alternatively, "Do you have a blog?" - most definately a noun. Of course, the tone of this last sentence is usually more along the lines of "Of course, you have a blog, don't you, you outdated, backward OLD person?"So - now I have a blog.And I am blogging.A question - If I am thinking about what I am going to put in the blog, am I blogathizing? And if I go on and on in a blog, would it not be correct to say I am blogating? I think so.Since this is all new to me, I think it is legitimate to twist and bend the word any way we want. Like, if you are mad, you are blowblogging, if you are bragging, you are showblogging, if you are romantic, you are snowblogging (NO) sweetblogging.If your blog is educational, you are edublogging.If it is boring, you are blogasnoring me to sleep. If it is mean, you are blogcruel.Here, for public consumption, is my first blog. I hope it fills you, chills you, thrills you... Blogtastic!Phil Leng

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